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Your procedure will be scheduled by your gastroenterologist who will provide you with very specific instructions on how to prepare for your particular procedure. An EGD requires that you fast and have nothing to drink for up to 8 hours prior to the procedure. A colonoscopy requires a cleansing of your bowels using a combination of fasting and the use of a strong laxative which may require a prescription. You may also be required to stop taking certain medications for a few days prior to your procedure.

Prior to Your Procedure

A nurse from the center will call you to review any questions you may have about your visit to East Side Endoscopy. We need to know about:

  • Your health history
    Any chronic medical conditions
    Prior surgeries
    All medications you are taking and the daily dosages
    Any allergies you have (especially to rubber /latex) (H&P questionnaire)
  • You should leave all jewelry and valuables at home (East Side Endoscopy cannot accept any responsibility for lost items or property)
  • It is VERY important that you arrange for someone to take you home. Your procedure may be cancelled if we cannot confirm that your escort will arrive in time for your discharge. (escort policy)
  • Please limit the number of persons accompanying you to a maximum of two. Only one person will be allowed in the recovery room with you.
  • Please make arrangements for childcare in advance. The endoscopy center reception area and recovery room area are not designed to accommodate small children.
  • If you have any questions regarding your medication prior to the procedure, please contact your physician’s office.

Procedure Preparations:


Day of Your Procedure

  • Please prepare to arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment
  • When you arrive at the Center, please check in at the reception desk!
  • Bring your insurance and photograph identification card and eye glasses
  • Co-pays are expected at the time of service. We will accept cash, check, credit card (Visa, Master Card & American Express) or debit card.
  • Insurance (financial disclosure)

After Your Procedure

  • The approximate duration of your stay at the East Side Endoscopy is 2 hours from the time you arrive until the time of your discharge.
  • Your escort will need to accompany you in the recovery room to listen to your discharge instructions, sign the written instructions and escort you home.
  • We prefer your escort to remain at the center for the duration of your visit. Your escort will need to be available to hear the discharge instructions and accompany you home.
  • Only one person will be allowed in the recovery room with you.
  • Patients will remain in the recovery area until they are ready for discharge.
  • At discharge you may take any mode of transportation home if accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • We recommend someone be with you at home to check on you following the procedure.
  • You may NOT drive a vehicle or operate any heavy equipment 24 hours after your procedure
  • It is recommended that you not drink alcohol for 24 hours after your procedure.
  • An emergency contact number is listed on the discharge form in the event you need to contact the center following your procedure.

Patient Forms

Please download, print and complete the office forms needed.

Important Policies