Patient Testimonials

Testimonial 1

"All staff that cared for me was outstanding in every way, just outstanding".

Testimonial 2

"My overall experience with everything was excellent. I really felt comfortable and know that I am in good hands".

Testimonial 3

"Everyone was kind and gentle. One nurse even held my hand".

Testimonial 4

"I want to most particularly thank and applaud the professional, efficient, pleasant, solicitous, and compassionate staff".

Testimonial 5

"This was the first time I’ve had a colonoscopy and had heard horror stories from others!. I was expecting the worst .. the experience was about as painless and pleasant as such a thing can get".

Testimonial 6

"All the staff was very professional. They were great .Made me feel very relaxed. I do rate these staff members an a plus!".

Testimonial 7

"I love the way this place operates".

Testimonial 8

"I can only say this: I have been to several ERs, clinics, MD offices in my life but none are like East Side Endoscopy. It seems everyone made an effort to be nice and humane. I felt welcome and well taken care of from admission to release. East Side Endoscopy is an excellent facility".

Testimonial 9

"The center, the crew were excellent very professional and kind".

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